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Yet another web-based spyware checker where you can upload and check files or archived folders for spyware and viruses online. It scans uploaded files and check them for spyware presence using 36 antivirus engines. No registration required.

Why would anyone use this? Well, one way to make use of VirScan is to recheck those files that you think are safe but your favorite antivirus software Top Antivirus Software. What's your Favorite? [Poll] Top Antivirus Software. What's your Favorite? [Poll] Read More says otherwise, or vice versa. If you’re a Windows user and install new programs on a regular basis then probably you have experienced this before.

VirScan - Online Spyware Checker


  • Upload and scan any file which is smaller than 10 MB in size.
  • Supports .rar / .zip archive files. (must include less than 10 files).
  • Scan compressed files that are password protected.
  • No sign-up or registration required.

Again, VirScan is a simple online tool to check files for malware presence, it’s NOT meant to replace the antivirus program on your system. Also note that VirScan does not guarantee that scan results are 100% accurate. So even if it reports no presence of malware, there is still a small chance that the file is infected.

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