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Database software like MS Access or SQL implementations are used by most companies to organize and store meaningful data that can be retrieved easily. However, this kind of software requires programming skills to make them work like they should.

Viravis is a powerful web service that lets you create online database applications in a graphical environment using drag and drop without the need for coding.

create online database applications

Signing up for an account in Viravis enables you to access both its web client and the Windows client. Currently, you can only use the Windows client to create applications but you can use both clients to use pre-made applications.  You can create applications from scratch or browse for templates from the user-submitted gallery. You can also choose from built-in ready-to-use basic applications such as Management, Customer Management, and Basic Accounting.

create online database applications

Viravis allows you to run your own IT department without having to hire one. You can build custom forms with the tab-based interface and sort through your data with filters and views. You can also build visually-rich reports on top of your data with the drag and drop interface, and even embed the application in your company webpage or share your data with other applications for more seamless integration.


create online database applications

The service is in particular useful for businesses since it lets us build databases and maintain them online without additional IT costs. The app simplifies the process of building a database, giving you more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

create online database applications

create online database applications

You can create an infinite range of possibilities with Viravis. All you have to do is envision what you need and build it yourself.

Feature overview:

  • Create online database applications easily.
  • Uses drag and drop user interface without coding.
  • Build applications from scratch or utilize templates from the gallery.
  • Repair applications without deleting the records.
  • Access using a windows client or a web client.
  • Manage and authorize access to the database.
  • Secure hosting provided by Amazon Compute Cloud.
  • Provides a platform that encrypts message between client and server.
  • Integrate Viravis data into your website using .Net SDK and web services API.
  • Change the appearance of the client with themes.
  • Available in several languages.

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