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A few weeks back, Twitter launched a new video sharing service called Vine. This new service follows with Twitter’s theme of keeping things short, as the videos shared on the service are limited to just six seconds. Vine has a way to watch videos in the application, but if you want to just watch random videos and see what you find, there is not a good way to do that in the Vine app. That’s where VineTube comes in.

watch vine videos

VineTube allows you to endlessly stream videos shared by the growing Vine community. All the videos are divided into eight categories, so you can quickly see the videos you want, without having too much control. After all, the point of the app is to play randomized videos from the service, and this app does a good job of that. Whether you want to see videos of magic, dogs, cats, stop motion, or other categories, you can do it with VineTube.


Controlling the app is as simple as clicking on one of the eight buttons to jump to a different channel. You can also skip videos quickly using the application. It’s definitely a cool way to experience the creativity of the Vine community in a way that is completely random. If you like seeing how people make creative uses of a short six second video, check out VineTube.

Remember though, this app only works on an iPad, so you cannot install it on an iPhone.



  • Watch random videos from the Vine community.
  • Choose from one of eight channels to watch Vine videos.
  • Interesting old-school interface.

Find VineTube on the iTunes App Store

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