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Recently MakeUseOf covered the iOS application called Vine. For people who have not had a chance to try it out, the Vine app is a free to use smartphone application that lets people create short looping videos that they can upload to the Vine network. The fun part is being able to record the video in segments and then having those segments looped.

People have used this ability to stop-and-record to produce some immensely creative Vine videos. These videos that get uploaded to the Vine network can also be shared with your friends via email or via online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But Vine videos simply cannot be supported on all platforms. GIF animations, on the other hand, are far more portable and can be used anywhere you want.

Here to convert Vine videos to GIF animations is a desktop app for Mac computers is a tool called VineGifR.

convert video to gif

VineGifR is a free to use desktop tool that is compatible with Mac computers. The app comes in a ZIP archive that is sized at only 60 KB. Once you unzip the archive and run the application, you can begin converting your Vine videos to GIF. All you have to do is provide the app with the URL of your Vine video. The conversion taking place at the moment is of good quality but produces GIF animations of a large file size. This issue is being addressed in future releases of the application.




  • A user friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Lets you convert Vine videos to GIF images.
  • Produces good quality GIF animations.
  • Similar: GifSoup

Check out VineGifR @ 

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