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Android users love their phones, even if it means getting second-dibs on flagship apps from top-tier services like Vine. On the flipside, this leaves room for Android app developers to create quick ones while waiting for official apps to come to the Google Play Store. Vineflow is a third-party client that lets users experience the popular but controversial Vine from Twitter.

vine viewer android

Vine videos are “6-second tweets” in video form. Once downloaded, Vineflow lets you log in using your Twitter account and view your Vine feed. It also lets you search through your feeds using keywords and hashtags. With Android’s built in app sync, you can tap to share the feed to your others apps like Pocket, Gmail, and more.

As a third-party app, Vineflow does not offer the full experience like the default app available only on iOS for now. As a feed viewer, it can’t upload videos or follow friends. Otherwise, it offers a smooth experience without the typical ads you see on every other Android app. One can spend a lot of time engrossed in the creative and funny Vine videos created by other users, which makes it a great preview once Vine officially comes to Twitter.


Vineflow is a nifty stopgap tool for Android users who just want to view Vine videos or get a glimpse of what a default Android app would look like.



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