Vine Users Can Now Share Videos Easily & Embed Them On The Web [Updates]

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Twitter’s newest social networking venture Vine has just been updated to with better sharing abilities to Twitter and Facebook, as well as the ability to embed Vine posts on the Web. iPhone users can grab the updated app from the App Store, and once updated tap the¬†“…” button and choose Share This Post to access the new features.

As all Vine posts submitted to the service are publicly visible, the feature can also be accessed from an individual post over at using the Embed button at the bottom of the page. Despite the new Web page embedding, Vine is still aimed directly at mobile users, and the iPhone app remains the only way to make full use of the service.

Posts can be embedded in an iFrame using a simple template that just shows the looping video, or as a postcard similar to an Instagram post which features the original poster’s name and a timestamp. The ability to share any Vine post to Twitter and Facebook is a welcome new feature, along with bugfixes which should stop the camera from freezing and recording randomly.

Users can choose to embed Vines at 600 pixels, 480 pixels and 320 pixels wide.¬†Initial tests show the feature isn’t yet available for all in-app content, though posts visible via a link to can be shared using the embed form. Posts embedded via the iPhone app open a new email message with the respective link to the post, hosted on Vine’s website.

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Vine is a new breed of social network that requires a Twitter account and allows users to share up to 6-second long looping videos with sound from their smartphones. The service has taken off among celebrities, actors, comedians and Twitter iOS users who share clips, skits, stop-motion and increasingly creative videos.

Download: Vine for iPhone

Source: Vine Blog

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Richard Borkovec

Still waiting for this on Android. Hopefully it comes soon, because it looks pretty cool, and the updates, like this, make it even better!

Tim Brookes

Yeah it’s a really cool app and the first new “social network” I’ve taken to since Twitter itself. I would expect there to be an Android app in development, though Twitter and Facebook are both guilty of ignoring the platform on occasion.

There’s a lot of potential in Vine, and I’m slightly surprised we’ve not seen more updates given the popularity of the service.

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