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Coming quite shortly after Instagram’s video update Facebook Adds 15 Second Video Capture To Instagram [Updates] Facebook Adds 15 Second Video Capture To Instagram [Updates] After a week of anticipation, Facebook has unveiled its mystery announcement: video for Instagram. The new feature is already available via an app update for both iOS and Android and allows users to shoot 15... Read More , Vine has released a series of new features, seemingly in an effort to compete with the long-standing photo-sharing app. Vine’s Wednesday update included a redesigned camera, more social networking features, and new ways to gain more followers.

Vine’s new set of camera features includes a grid, focusing capabilities, and “ghost tools”. While the first two of the three are highly useful for almost any creative shooter on Vine, the last one is targeted primarily at stop-motion animators, a category of users who are popping up en masse within the Vine community.

Ghost tools allows for users to view their previous shot, so they can know how to set up their next one. This feature can let stop-motion animators compare their last shot to their next one for a more continuous flow of animation. However, in contrast to Instagram, users still cannot edit within the Vine app itself.

As far as social networking goes, Vine now includes 15 channels for users to submit their videos to. Categories include music, comedy, nature, and even more. Furthermore, users can now “Re-vine” videos to promote the creations of other users throughout their network. Another addition is the “On the Rise” category which lets users see who the most popular Viners are.

For users who are concerned about privacy, Vine now allows various content sharing settings. For instance, individuals can now limit the way their content is shared by allowing only their followers to view it. This is in stark contrast to Vine’s original public-only settings.


What do you think of Vine’s new features? Do you think they have successfully improved the app?

Source: Vine Official Blog via TechCrunch

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