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Over 4 months ago, Twitter launched Twitter Launches Vine - A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates] Twitter Launches Vine - A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates] Twitter has launched a video service in the form of a cool new app called Vine. For the time being, using Vine to create videos is only available with the Vine iOS app, but Twitter... Read More a video sharing app called Vine, which since then has accumulated more than 13 million users. Starting Monday, Twitter is welcoming Android users to the mix, with the anticipated launch of Vine for Android. If you’re an Android 4.0+ user, you too can now create, share, and watch the short looping videos that have become Vine’s signature.

Though we’ve been very focused on releasing Vine for Android, we’ve continued to release updates and add new features to the iOS app.” says Sara Haider, Android engineer for Twitter in a blog post, “As a result, the two apps are not perfectly in sync, but that won’t be the case for long.”

What this means is that although the new Android version is similar to its iOS counterpart, some features such as front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags are not yet available for Android users. These should become available over the next few updates. However, Android users do get to enjoy one unique feature: zoom.

If you’re trying out Vine for Android and can’t for the life of you find this zoom feature, you’re not alone. I couldn’t find hide nor hair of it, no matter how hard I tried pinching the video while shooting it. It turns out you need to use your device’s volume buttons to zoom while shooting a video. How intuitive.

Vine for Android comes with the usual Feed, Activity, Explore and People tabs, and makes it very easy to find, shoot, and share your videos. Are you happy that Vine came to Android? What do you think of it?


Download: Vine for Android

Source: Twitter Blog

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