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Are you looking for a Chrome extension that makes browsing the web a faster, more efficient process? The fact is, we’ve all grown accustomed to using our mouse and keyboard in combination with each other, but taking your hands off the keyboard to reach for the mouse can actually slow you down. That’s where Vimium comes into play. It allows you to perform almost every function you can think of with your browser without ever taking your hands off the keyboard.

control browser with keyboard

The creators of Vimium call it “The Hacker’s Browser” because it allows you to move around the web quickly without breaking your flow. It offers keyboard shortcuts for moving through your current pages at different speeds, which works faster than a scroll wheel or the arrow pad. It also comes with a convenient way to open webpages without clicking on the address bar. Simply pressing “o” opens up the extensions custom box where you can get access to bookmarks, domains and websites contained within your browsing history.


It even comes with features for managing tabs without clicking the Command or Control key. One of my favorite options is the ability to click on links using your keyboard. Simply clicking “f” shows letters next to every link on the page. Typing one of those letters opens the link.

The options screen for Vimium allows you to customize things such as how far the page scrolls and certain domains where you would not like the keyboard shortcuts to work. It has plenty of advanced options for users looking to really fine-tune the experience as well.


  • Browse the web using only your keyboard.
  • Shortcuts for scrolling around the page.
  • Click links using your keyboard.
  • Speeds up your web browsing experience.

Find Vimium on the Chrome Webstore

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