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Recently, Vimeo announced the opening of the Vimeo Music Store where users will be able to find music tracks which can be used in their videos. The store provides users with almost 45,000 tracks browsable by various genres, tempos and moods.

audio tracks for video

Vimeo Music Store is powered by Audiosocket, a music licensing company which is providing Vimeo with over 30,000 tracks while Free Music Archive (FMA) is offering up to 11,000 songs licensed under Creative Commons. The service provides users with 3 types of licensing options: Free Creative Common Licenses, $1.99 per track for personal, non-commercial web use and $98 per track for commercial, professional web use.

All you have to do is search the genre or type of music you are looking for and it will show the tracks available. For instance, I searched using a genre and it generated the results based on those results. You can choose the type of licensing you want and add the track to your video.


Check out Vimeo Music Store @


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