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If you’re constantly juggling space How to Free Storage Space on Your Android Device How to Free Storage Space on Your Android Device If you've run out of storage space on your Android phone or tablet, we can help you free it up. Read More on your mobile, be it an iPhone or Android device, then you might be interested in ViLynx, a free video organisation app designed to work with your existing cloud storage 8 Of The Best Mobile Apps For Your Dropbox [Android / iOS] 8 Of The Best Mobile Apps For Your Dropbox [Android / iOS] We've really only just reached the point were lots of apps are being written with integration to cloud storage in mind. Because of this, you may not have realised that quite a few very useful... Read More accounts. ViLynx is designed to keep videos organised across devices and to facilitate sharing with friends and family. Plus it can also save some precious space by uploading videos elsewhere.

upload videos safely

Before uploading, ViLynx will create a short five second preview of your video which you can easily share or preview without downloading the whole thing. Once linked to a Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or YouTube account, ViLynx uploads outstanding videos so they can be deleted and space restored.

Users can choose whether to share their videos and previews, so videos can be kept completely private if desired. The app also provides information about each of the connected services, so users know how much space they have left in their accounts.

ViLynx attempts to be the iCloud of the video world, and comes highly recommended for users who managed to snag a 50GB Box account and are wondering what to do with all that space.



  • Upload videos to personal cloud storage accounts including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and YouTube.
  • Automatically creates five second previews of uploaded videos that can be viewed easily on mobile devices.
  • Customisable sharing options for private uploads.
  • Available for iOS and Android on both the Google Play Store and Amazon for Kindle devices.

Check out ViLynx @ App Store (iOS), Google Play and Amazon

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