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Electronic signatures are very useful when you have multiple people who need to approve a document but are far away. But by sending them your electronic document and receiving their electronic signature, you can make the approval process much quicker. Here to help you get electronic signatures for your documents is a web service called Vignature.

get documents signed

After creating an account you can start uploading your documents. The documents must be in PDF format. Next you type in the names and email addresses of the people you want to electronically sign the document. A block of their signatures is created; these blocks need to be dragged to your documents wherever you want the e-signatures to appear. The document link is then emailed to the people whose signatures are required.

get documents signed online

When people visit the link emailed to them, they are able to view the document and leave an electronic signature. They can even add a picture through their webcam to their e-signature. The signature notifications are then sent to all parties.

For more info watch video below:



  • A user-friendly web service to get documents signed online.
  • Lets you add multiple people whose signatures are required.
  • Supports PDF documents.
  • Similar tools: DigisignerSignnowPDFPen and MiddlePost.

Check out VIgnature @

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