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Sometimes describing your computer problems to an IT support staff member over chat or phone simply does not help. What helps most are remote desktop solutions that let your system be shared with the computer troubleshooter remotely. Here to bring that functionality to the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a tool called ViewMyBrowser.

remote assistance firefox

ViewMyBrowser is a user-friendly Firefox addon that will greatly assist computer troubleshooters and app developers. After installing the add-on, a co-browsing environment can be set up in which the troubleshooter can take control of the client’s web browser. Troubleshooters view and control the content of the client’s web browser window in real time. Not only will this functionality help IT troubleshooting professionals, but it will also help application creators show editors and reviewers how exactly their online apps work.


  • A user-friendly browser add-on.
  • Compatible with Firefox.
  • Let’s you share your browser online.
  • Brings remote control and sharing to Mozilla Firefox.
  • Similar tools: Retune, Chrome Remote Desktop, WizHelp and QuickScreenShare.

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