ViewMarks: Get A Thumbnail View Of All Your Firefox Bookmarks

Many people spend an extra second finding an entry in their web browser’s bookmarks menu. Finding an entry in a list of bookmarks can sometimes take quite some time, even if the entries are alphabetically arranged. A new way to find your bookmarks is presented by ViewMarks.

clip image0027   ViewMarks: Get A Thumbnail View Of All Your Firefox Bookmarks

ViewMarks is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox for version 3.5 onwards. The add-on adds an icon to your Firefox’s address bar and bottom right corner. Clicking these icons presents a thumbnail view of all your bookmarks. Then, instead of looking for the bookmark’s title, you can immediately click the thumbnail icon corresponding to the bookmark you wish to visit.

The titles of each site are given under all thumbnails; you can edit the bookmark details to change the title, modify the thumbnail, add a description and keywords. With each bookmark you also see its date of creation and modification.

ViewMarks very conveniently lets you view your bookmarks and find them sooner than usual.


  • A user friendly web tool.
  • Works with Firefox versions 3.5 onwards.
  • View firefox bookmarks as thumbnails.
  • Lets you add various details about each bookmark.

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