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With millions of videos watched daily, Facebook and YouTube offer a great way to get your message across. But for times when simply a video is not enough, Viewbix offers you a free tool to make your video more interactive by inserting clickable buttons inside. To start, simply provide a link to a YouTube or Facebook video or search for one. Then give your button a title and a link.

You can also add descriptions and photos that users will be able to view when they click on the button from inside the video. You can choose a custom size or skin color for the video and share it with the world through a unique URL. Viewbix also gives you an HTML code to embed your interactive video on any website or blog. All the videos you customize are saved in your Viewbix account and can be viewed and edited at any time.

make youtube videos interactive


  • Insert clickable buttons inside a video.
  • Works with any YouTube or Facebook video.
  • Share your video through a link or embed on websites.

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