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vHeadHey there loyal readers! I have found another awesome experimental Firefox add-on. This one is called Voyage – you know like a journey. You can download the experimental add-on from this URL..

You will need to click the box next to the allow me to download this experimental add-on.

This add-on will give you a glimpse into your past. That is your Firefox browsing past. If you live in Firefox like me this is a very cool application. Let us know what you think of it after you try it out.

Once you have it installed, Firefox will restart and you will see this screen:


You can scroll right to left to move backwards across your timeline. You use the Firefox arrow across the bottom of your browser to move through time. Kind of like a time machine but not really. You can view your Firefox history on a new type of chart where every website visit is logged and arrows are drawn to show you how you got from one site to another. Pretty cool stuff eh?



Above you can see the first tier of my browsing history. The MakeUseOf icon is prominent alongside Lifehacker, Gmail, Twitter and  If I click on one of the icons (which are the websites favicons) then it will show me my visits to that site and draw lines going to other sites I clicked through to.

Below you will see a Google search that links to product pages. I was searching for a 4204vi Hewlett Packard Switch.

If I needed to retrace my steps I could do so easily using this add on.


Again you can see another Google search when you view Firefox history – this one was looking for a big calendar application and it pointed me to the sites that are linked off of it.


Clicking on the box that shows the sites and searches will give you more details including search times, site visits and more. Awesome information for the information junkie. This can also help you write your bibliography for a school project by finding all the sites you visited and grabbed information from.


Next up, let’s integrate our Twitter history within Voyage. Look in the upper left hand corner and you will see a button labeled Enable Twitter Integration. Click on this to start the process.


That will take you to the next screen telling you that you need Twitter’s authorization to have the data flow into Voyage. You will need to click the Sign in with Twitter button, log in and then you will get a seven digit pin code that will unlock the wall blocking Voyage from grabbing your data.


You need to click Allow on the following screen. Then copy the pin number and paste it into the waiting Voyage window.


That’s it, now you will see your Twitter icon at the top next to the Voyage logo and your tweets will appear on the timeline as well – very very cool!


I am playing around with this looking at old browsing history. I installed it on an old laptop to see what I was looking at and doing a few years back – also very cool. It is like a glance into your past.

Do you love the experimental addon’s or not? Do you want to see more?  How do you use Voyage? Hit us up in the comments!

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