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Thinking of buying a new flatscreen television, but aren’t sure how to set it up? Or perhaps you’re thinking of rearranging the furniture and want to know what would be the best viewing distance for  your current TV? There’s a handy web-based viewing distance calculator over at Simply input the size of the screen, the distance from your viewing area (couch) to the screen and share of the screen and you’ll be given all sorts of information about your setup: how far you can sit from the TV without missing details in HD, how large a TV you’d need to get the best viewing for your living room and more.

best viewing distance for tv

best viewing distance for tv

Using the interface is really easy: just input the numbers and click “Calculate.” While exact statistic for ideal television viewing isn’t a subject everyone would be interested in, it’s worth giving this site a shot to see if you can get more out of the equipment you have””or find out how new equipment might benefit you.

  • Calculate ideal viewing distance and angle for your television.
  • Easy-to-use web interface.
  • Similar tools: DisplayWar and TvCalculator.

Check out Viewing Distance Calculator @

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