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space video clipsAnother Stuff to Watch, another batch of mind-bending space videos! This week’s collection is comprised solely of videos shot from space, meaning all 6 films below were captured far away from the safety and comfort of the Earth’s atmosphere.

So if you’re sitting in work (bored), why not engage in a little celestial wonder? You might learn something, you might decide you need a career change or you might just end up pondering one of those all-important existential questions – why are we here? Who else is with us? And what’s for lunch? Without further ado: space, the final frontier.

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Launch – View From Boosters

If you’ve ever wondered about hopping aboard the (now discontinued) Space Shuttle and catching a trip to space then here’s the view you’d get to enjoy if you were strapped to one of the two solid fuel boosters that delivered the spacecraft safely into the cosmos. The video is split into several loops, each providing a different view of the launch with the same radio chatter looped for your enjoyment.

The speed at which the spacecraft reaches the edges of our atmosphere is mind boggling, and there are some beautiful shots of the earth, cloud formations and an absolute cracker at 9:40 which provides a thoroughly amazing view of the shuttle itself.

Massive Solar Flare Captured By NASA

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is the first satellite of its kind – one that hopes to unravel the mysteries of the sun. The space agency admits to still knowing relatively little about the sun, and through the SDO program hope to learn more about its weather, core and atmosphere amongst other things.


This video was shot from the SDO and shows a solar flare causing massive displacement of matter as part of a solar storm. This video shows an eruption which travels hundreds of thousands of miles in a fraction of a second.

Cassini Footage + Nine Inch Nails = Win

The following video is the work of Vimeo user Chris Abbas who has taken footage from NASA’s Cassini mission which focuses on Saturn and its moons. Already the mission has been massively important, with one of Saturn’s moons (Titan) baring several surprising resemblances to our own planet.

You can learn more about the Cassini mission on NASA’s own website. In his video Chris has taken footage from Cassini’s archive, cut, chopped and arranged it beautifully and laid down a beautiful soundtrack from Nine Inch Nails to boot. Beautiful and somewhat educational!

Aurora Borealis From Space (& Bonus Explanation Video)

Two videos in one, except only one was filmed from space (and the other is a very handy explanation, albeit animated). Here we can take a look at those beautiful lights often seen over northern winter night skies known as Aurora Borealis.

The northern lights, as they are often known, look even stranger from space and are a direct result of the sun releasing large amounts of energy and our own planet’s interesting magnetic structure.

The Moon – Now in HD!

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been busy over the last few years documenting, mapping and bringing us new footage of the moon as we’ve never seen it before. This video takes a look at some of the craters, mountain ranges and individual peaks that make up the moon’s dramatic landscape, all in glorious HD.

You can learn more about this mission on NASA’s LRO website, or try your hand at piloting a Lunar Rover in this free game Become A Virtual Astronaut With NASA's Free Moonbase Alpha Game Become A Virtual Astronaut With NASA's Free Moonbase Alpha Game Read More .

Hurricane Irene From Space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) were lucky enough to experience this first hand as Hurricane Irene passed beneath them. This video is also in HD, and it’s well worth spending the extra bandwidth for the level of detail available.

This isn’t the first video of a hurricane from space, though it is one of the more detailed examples. For a video complete with crew reaction (“Holy smokes!”), try this footage of Hurricane Dean.


OK, so I promise I’ll ease off the space videos Cool NASA Stuff: International Space Station Viewing, NASA TV, Videos and More Cool NASA Stuff: International Space Station Viewing, NASA TV, Videos and More Read More for a short while now – though if you have enjoyed these beautiful sights then don’t forget to check out last week’s geeky documentaries Geeky Documentaries: 6 Fascinating Films About Hardware, Software & Space [Stuff to Watch] Geeky Documentaries: 6 Fascinating Films About Hardware, Software & Space [Stuff to Watch] This week’s Stuff to Watch is all about sitting back, letting the power of a well-produced documentary wash over you and engaging your grey matter without even leaving the sofa. What’s more each of these... Read More and our line-up of NASA space apps 7 Cool iPhone & iPad Space Apps From NASA [iOS] 7 Cool iPhone & iPad Space Apps From NASA [iOS] NASA and its astronauts have boldly gone where many of us can only dream of going – the depths of space. Their website is full of information, thought-provoking imagery and a couple of awesome free... Read More too. Those of you who have been browsing for equally wonderful videos of the world above us please don’t hesitate in sharing them below.

Did you enjoy this collection? Ever dreamt of being an astronaut? The thought of all that blank space terrifying? Share it all with us below!

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