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We all know that YouTube is the one-stop-shop for videos on the Internet. But there are several other sites (YouTube, Vimeo, TED and BlipTv) that often feature cool web video content which doesn’t make it to YouTube. Well Vidque is a site which combines all the main user-generated video services on the Internet into one.

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Obviously the main attraction are the videos. The homepage is packed full of them and they’re organized into different categories. When you’re watching a video there are a few options to the right of the screen. Two of which allow you to vote on the video either positively or negatively.This affects the videos rankings on the site.

Furthermore, when you add a video to your own personal page on the site the videos ranking increases. Also other users can see your favourites and comment on them. This page acts as a kind of profile which is as far as the social interaction goes.

Overall this is a useful web app which effectively combines the best videos on the Internet and lessens the need for extensive searching.


  • Syndicates all major video sites
  • Supports: YouTube, Vimeo, TED and Blip Tv.
  • Personal Page to aad your favorite videos
  • Rate and leave comments on videos.
  • Similar tools: Magma, VideoFetcher, Snackfeed and Nizmlab.

Check  out Vidque @

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