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If you have a video camera, a knack for filmmaking, and an interest in improving your video skills then the Internet is perhaps your best friend. There are countless online resources that guide beginner filmmakers in developing and improving their techniques. Out of these, perhaps the best one is Vimeo Video School.

beginner filmmakers

Vimeo, as everybody knows, is a popular video sharing website. The site is full of videos that showcase the creative talent of numerous filmmakers. The site also has its very own learning portal for amateur filmamkers: Vimeo Video School. The school contains online tutorials on various aspects of filmmaking. The tutorials are quite detailed and their textual form is always accompanied by a demonstration or explanatory video.

filmmaker school

The tutorials cover a wide range of filmmaking topics from camera details and filming gear to lighting and editing your movies. You can easily jump from one category to another by using the links published in the right pane of the site. This way you can quickly jump to filmmaking skills you need to improve right away.

school filmmakers


  • A user friendly website.
  • A great amateur filmmaker school online.
  • Contains instructional videos and explanatory textual tutorials on filmmaking.
  • Tutorials are organized to start from the basics and progress to advanced topics.
  • Tutorials can be viewed categorically.

Check out Vimeo Video School @

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