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YouTube offers its visitors countless hours of entertaining videos. It is no wonder that people choose the site to pass their free time. From educational videos to political ads, from music videos to video blogs – you can check out all sorts of videos on YouTube. The videos also come in all types of durations. The short ones, you can quickly check out and be over with, but if you are watching an educational video such as a documentary there is a good chance you will have to stick to the YouTube screen for a while.

Unfortunately sometimes you need to leave your computer to complete a task in the middle of a YouTube video. Turning the computer back on, heading on to YouTube, and finding where you had stopped watching the video can be difficult for long videos. Here to help out Google Chrome users in this department is the excellent Video Resumer.

resume youtube videos

Video Resumer is a free to use browser extension made for the Google Chrome web browser. This extension is an absolute treat for YouTube fans as it betters their experience on the video streaming website. What the extension does is that it remembers where you left watching a YouTube video. Whether you close the tab or browser window, revisiting the same YouTube video you were watching earlier will begin its playing from the same point that you left off.

Such convenience is presently absent from YouTube and Chrome users will definitely appreciate the presence of this extension on their browser.




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