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Video Resizer for YT (YouTube) is an extension available for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to resize their video player dimensions. If you visit YouTube, you will know that you can only shift between three sizes available – normal, extended and full-screen.

resize youtube videos

Video Resize for YT extension allows you to freely resize your video player to the dimensions you see fit.

Just download the extension to your Google Chrome browser and go to any YouTube video you want to watch. Once there, move your mouse to the video background, and you will see the cursor icon change. Just drag it to resize the video player.

Another great feature is the fact that if you go above a certain dimension, YouTube will automatically increase your video quality (if higher is available) – for example, to 480p, 720p or 1080p.


  • Customize video player dimensions freely  – go beyond the pre-definied values.
  • Automatically changes video quality according to video player dimensions.

Check out Video Resizer for YT @

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