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YouTube videos are embedded on countless websites. Often when you watch a YouTube video on a website, you do not bookmark the page, and cannot find the video for later viewing. A solution to this problem is presented by Video History for YouTube.

youtube video history

Video History for YouTube is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension records urls of videos you watch, even the embedded ones. When you click on the extension’s icon in Chrome’s address bar, a window drops down that lets you revisit the videos you viewed earlier. You can also view popular YouTube videos along with your subscription videos in this dropdown window.

The videos are displayed as thumbnail images; clicking on the thumbnail image plays the video within the same dropdown window. In the same window you can search for YouTube videos too. The extension also notifies you when there are new subscription videos available.


  • A user friendly tool.
  • Works as an extension for Google Chrome.
  • Helps you revisit the YouTube videos you watch in Chrome.
  • Plays the video in the dropdown window – you do not leave the currently open webpage.
  • Notifies you of new subscription videos.
  • Displays the popular YouTube videos.
  • Lets you search YouTube videos.

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