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Some video games are known for their buggy nature. Some are ruined by glitches and inconsistencies whereas others sometimes benefit from what can only be described as unintentional comedy. Even if you’re not a gamer, it’s easy to appreciate the comedic value of some of these bugs for their random and inane nature.

Today’s Stuff to Watch features a dearth of bugs and glitches captured and posted online for the amusement of others. Many have been patched up and fixed whereas others are virtually impossible to recreate. Some are the result of exploitation, others are purely random encounters.

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Battlefield 3

Easily the buggiest game in the series so far, the Battlefield 3 The 5 Best Battlefield 3 Websites For Up To The Minute Information The 5 Best Battlefield 3 Websites For Up To The Minute Information Battlefield 3 is being hyped as the Call of Duty killer. That is no small task considering that Call of Duty is one of the biggest selling video game franchises ever. Still, Battlefield has been... Read More beta was understandably full of bugs and random glitches, some of which made it into the final game. While there have been two meaty updates since the game’s release, there’s still no telling quite what the Frostbite 2 engine might do at any given time – including spawning giant, googly-eyed soldiers.

According to one YouTube commenter, the following bouncing LAV glitch is still possible even after the most recent update, so grab your friends, some RPGs and have a blast.



This particular bug somehow didn’t make it into the original funny Skyrim video collection, hence its inclusion here. During the opening section of the game, where the only control the player has is the ability to look, something goes horribly wrong. This actually ended up breaking the game as the trigger for the next section never took place.

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Red Dead Redemption

Not only is this highly celebrated Red Dead Redemption glitch hilarious, it’s also pretty scary. Rockstar games have a habit of containing some pretty funny bugs, but this one really takes the sugar cubes – it’s the highly sought-after donkey woman.


The “swing of death” as it has been affectionately coined by the community was one of the easiest bugs to recreate in Rockstar’s GTA IV. Though it has long been patched, the bug caused by physics on a particular swing set in the city applied massive blunt force to your vehicle or person on impact. You can probably still play with the bug if you delete (rollback) updates on console or retail versions, though digital download versions have surely been fixed).

Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda have a thing for creating incredibly immersive, well-designed story-driven RPGs that sometimes suffer at the hands of some incredible glitches. It’s important to note that the sequence in which the bug featured in the video below appears is the first thing you do after starting a new game. It’s worth sticking through the video to the end as it gets even creepier.

Unfortunately New Vegas was absolutely full of bugs like this, including one particular bug involving a dog missing its eyes, as shown below.


When the FIFA 12 demo went live on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network fans soon realised there was work to be done. The game featured one of the biggest advancements in the series so far called the impact engine, a collision detection system for more realistic tackles, trips and interactions between players. When such a system goes wrong, things take a hilarious turn as you can see below.

Premiership footballers are not generally known for passionate embraces on the pitch, and that’s what makes the following video of Liverpool’s Andy Carroll so great.

Skate 3

Saving the very best till last, here’s nearly half an hour of footage from the latest in EA’s excellent skating franchise, Skate 3. This particular game has a few things going for it:

  • A large, open-world and true sandbox gameplay
  • The best video editor in any skating game ever
  • Serious problems with collision detection

If the next Skate game isn’t as open, fun to record or glitchy as this it’s a step backwards in my opinion. The following videos have been lovingly created by HelixSnake, a true master of getting the best (worst) out of the game.

If you’ve not picked it up yet, I’d strongly recommend it – it’s a lot of fun and you’re bound to encounter some crazy bugs like this. Bonus points for not patching it!


These are some of my favourite glitches and bugs from recent titles. If you have any of your own – either those you’ve encountered first-hand, or others you’ve found around the web – then add to the collection by making a comment below.

  1. A Gamer
    September 18, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Awesome collection of glitches. I usually go to to look for new glitches, however, I have never seen a couple of these.

  2. Charlie Player
    July 27, 2012 at 10:44 am

    nt gonna 2 enjoy these glitches cos havent played yet

  3. Darryl Park
    July 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Awesome videos! cool and funny.

  4. MerVzter Balacuit
    July 24, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    what a kissing scene LOL

  5. Mart Küng
    July 24, 2012 at 8:13 am

    GTAIV bug was quite cool :)

  6. Va Du
    July 24, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Was the Diablo 3 invincible wizard exploit the inspiration for this or just a huge coincidence? These open world sand box games are usually full of glitches and I don't see how the testers don't catch more of them during development.

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