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A pressing problem a frequent YouTube visitor faces is the need to switch back to the YouTube tab again and again to control the videos. This becomes frustrating, especially if you use YouTube more often to listen than to watch, and also have several YouTube video tabs open. Video Controller for Chrome adds YouTube video controls in the Chrome extensions bar so that you can play, pause, create playlists etc without the need to go back to that specific tab where you have YouTube open.

video controller

Apart from the basic video controls, and the ability to control many videos at once, the extension also has an option that lets you jump to the YouTube tab in a click. This could be a time saver for someone who’s a YouTube addict as well as a tab junkie who has a lot of Chrome tabs open at any point of time.


  • YouTube video controllers in Chrome extensions bar
  • Control multiple YouTube videos from anywhere on Chrome

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  1. Varun Nagwekar
    March 21, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Thank you. Looks useful.