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Think of ViddyJam as Pandora, but for YouTube music videos instead of just audio. This lightweight web app starts by letting you enter an artist and song name and plays a continuous stream of music videos from YouTube based on data.

You can add videos to favorites, skip to the next video, play similar music and even buy music from Amazon and iTunes. You can also upload your iTunes playlist to ViddyJam in the .m3u format. The interface is sleek and the video watching experience is without the clutter of extra controls and navigations. With a single click you can also access your history, favorites and playlist.

play continuous music


  • Pandora like service to play YouTube music based on what you like.
  • Plays continuous stream inspired by your taste.
  • Fetches music data from
  • Save video to favorites or skip to next video.
  • Upload your iTunes playlist.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools:  YouTube Music, TurnTubeList, IPooq, Youtube Disco, Plistube, and YouScrobble.

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