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Viddler is a video editing and sharing website with an excellent additional feature that enables users to comment on and tag specific moments in the video.

Viddler Overview

  • Upload and Share videos: Supports most of the video formats: .mov, .avi, .wmv, AND .mpeg. Note: max. video size is limited to 500 MB.
  • Add timed Tags: tag particular moments on the video timeline. Timed tags are searchable.
  • Add timed Comments: comment on and discuss specific moments on the video.
  • Option to upload live footage from your camera directly to your Viddler account
  • Embed Viddler videos anywhere on the web. (see below)
  • Explore Viddler videos by: popularity, tags, users, and more.

Viddler video (demo):

Viddler Review (by 1938media):


Go to Viddler @ (

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