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One of the coolest things about combining the iPhone’s camera with applications is the ability to take your photos and do awesome things with them right from the device. VicMan Visage Lab is an example of this. This application automatically touches up your pictures to make any people in them look better. It might hurt your self-esteem a little to have your images cleaned up, but that’s the price you pay for unnatural beauty.

automatically enhance photos

What makes this app great is that it requires no graphical design skill. You simply add a picture, and it will process it and make the improvements. After it finishes, you can deselect improvements you don’t think are necessary and see how the image changes in real-time. You can also revert back to original with a single tap, so you can see what it looked like before it was enhanced.


You can also add color and background effects to further enhance your picture. You can also share your enhanced images via Facebook, Twitter and email. This way all your friends will think you suddenly became more attractive.


  • Easily enhance any photo.
  • All enhancements are automatic so it requires no skill.
  • Removes red-eye and whitens teeth.
  • Can enhance multiple faces in a photo automatically.
  • Color and background enchantments.
  • Share via Twitter, Facebook and email.
  • Similar tools: PicTreat, MakeUp, FotoCrib and FlauntR.

Find VicMan Visage Lab on the iTunes App Store

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