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Free call and text platform Viber Viber: Call & Text Other Users For Free [iPhone] Viber: Call & Text Other Users For Free [iPhone] Free calling and texting for your iPhone. Yep. It's real. With Viber, that's exactly what you get since it works through whatever WiFi connection you happen to be using. This gives you one more reason... Read More is coming to desktop with the release of a new client for Windows and Mac OS X. The new desktop version of Viber brings all calling and texting features to your PC or Mac, and adds some new ones such as video calling and desktop to desktop calls, which are currently still in beta. The announcement comes as part of the roll out of Viber 3.0, which includes major updates for the app’s iOS, Android, and Blackberry versions as well.

Viber for desktop is similar in function to Viber for mobile, and still activates using your mobile phone number. Once activated, Viber for desktop will automatically sync contacts from your mobile, and will keep your devices synced as you go. Viber for desktop and Viber for mobile were designed to work as extensions, and calls can be easily transferred from one device to another with a click or tap. Messages you receive on Viber are shown on all devices, but should only beep on the device you’re currently using.

As mentioned above, Viber’s mobile apps were not left out either, and both iOS and Android versions received a significant facelift, with Viber for Android now featuring Google’s Holo interface, and both apps getting video messages, new stickers, a better photo experience, and more.

According to Viber, the service now has over 200 million users across its various platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, Bada, and now Windows and Mac), and this move to desktop might put them in a position to combat some of the bigger players in the field, such as Skype.

To try out Viber for desktop, or the new mobile versions, head over to


Is this a good move from Viber? Will it convince you to give the app a try?

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