Vertex42: Download Free Excel Templates & Calculators

Vertex42 is a resource where you can download free Excel templates, financial calculators, calendars templates and articles that are designed to educate, increase productivity and help people manage their time and finances effectively using Excel. The site has variety of free calculators, calenders and Excel templates such as timesheets, budgets, loan/mortgage calculators and more.

vertex42   Vertex42: Download Free Excel Templates & Calculators

Some spreadsheets also carry a Commercial Use license (paid) for use in business purposes. You can also find a large stock of additional spreadsheet calculators, calenders and templates under the section “What’s New at Vertex42.”


  • Free free spreadsheet templates, calculators and calenders.
  • Helpful in better management of time and finances and increase productivity.
  • Large variety of such spreadsheets available.
  • Commercial Use license(paid) available for business use.
  • Similar websites: Check out websites offering free document templates.

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Very useful website

free excel templates

Hi guys I’ve just come across to the site. I can say it was very useful site. Great resources for excel program. have so many types of template to download I can say it was quite wonderful regarding of it. Best.

This site has great templates that can be used daily! Great resource!