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Last week as asked you which company makes the cell phone you currently own Which Company Made the Cell Phone You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] Which Company Made the Cell Phone You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll] Which phone do you own? Which is the most popular company on MakeUseOf? Let's vote! Read More . More than 700 of you voted, and out of these votes emerged a clear winner. The real battle was for second place, and there too, one company managed to come out a winner. So what’s the most popular cell phone maker among MakeUseOf readers?

Out of 732 votes in total, these are the final results:

11th place goes to Lenovo, with less than 1% of the total votes.

10th, 9th and 8th places go to ZTE, Huawei and BlackBerry respectively, each with around 2% of the votes.

7th place belong to Sony with 5% of the total votes.

6th place goes to the hand-changing Motorola, which managed to grab 7.5% of the votes.


In 5th place we have Nokia, which is still holding quite strong with 9%.

Moving on to our 4 big winners… in 4th place lies HTC with 10% of the votes.

3rd place belongs to Apple, which managed to grab 12.5%.

The coveted 2nd place goes to LG, which got almost 16% of the votes and probably owes this rating to the Nexus series.

And in 1st place… it’s no other than Samsung, with 30% of the votes. Are you surprised?

Another 4% voted for “other”, but the comments didn’t do much to clarify what these other companies are.


Comment Of The Week

This week’s best comment is by reader Rajaa C, who told us a bit about the smartphone market in India, and why the affordable Nokia Lumia 520 is actually not a bad choice.

Hailing from a developing country like India, buying a smartphone, and that too usually at a limited budget for most common people, I too was no exception. Also, we cannot usually afford the notion of changing the smartphone we invested in, on a regular interval, as in developed countries. These factor drove my evaluation process before purchase, where at-least my investment should hold good for at-least minimum 3 years, if not more. With a budget of around US $160 equivalent a year back, my choice almost became a no brain er. I cannot dream an Apple at that price, and the android choices I was getting, had a lot to be desired in terms of performance (lag and hanging issues. The undisputed choice, with an over whelming margin, was the brilliant Nokia Lumia 520 ( at the given price point ). When I started owning one, I was so pleasantly surprised with the zippy performance, the vivid colors and even the moderately great pictures and videos taken. Onedrive integration, MS Office mobile, simple wifi reverse tethering (pain in android), XBOX games, Nokia music and more such brilliant features, it simply stands tall among similar price point offerings from it’s competitor, specially android. Also the built quality is much better for a US $160. Today it is available at US $115 in India, and is practically a steal. A very satisfied customer one year down the line. Thank you Nokia and Microsoft. Lastly, I do not need the zillion apps other eco-system boasts off (do they get installed in one phone anyways I wonder, sounds hilarious when fanboys claim we have 10 million choices, yea but only one phone to get them all installed :P ), I do have all the important apps I need and yea pure MS Office.

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Which Version Of Windows Are You Currently Using?

Windows is all over the news again. This time, it’s not a new version in the headlines, but an old one. Microsoft will soon stop supporting the beloved Windows XP, and many are not willing to say goodbye yet.

Last time we asked you which version of Windows you’re using What Windows Version Are You Running? [Poll] What Windows Version Are You Running? [Poll] Read More , it was 2010. Windows 8 wasn’t around yet, and Windows 7 and XP battled it out to a small win for 7. Has anything changed in 4 years? It’s time to find out!

Tell us which version of Windows you’re using right now. If you have more than one computer, choose the one you use the most. If you’re using Windows at work but not at home, take your work computer when you answer. You get the drill. Vote for it!

Why are you using the version you voted for? Did it come with your computer? Did your workplace decide for you? Do you think it’s the best version out there? Discuss in the comments.

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