Which Version Of Microsoft Office Are You Using? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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polls   Which Version Of Microsoft Office Are You Using? [MakeUseOf Poll]Last week we asked you to tell us how you handle your passwords. We were surprised to find out that many people don’t use password managers, and even more surprised at the cool ways people come up with to create passwords they can remember. Be sure to check the comments for some awesome tips!

Out of 586 readers who voted, the breakdown is as follows: 51% use standalone password managers, a full 15% remember all their passwords, 11% make their own list in a text editor, 9.5% use the same password for most things, 6.5% use their browser to save passwords, and 8% use a different method, not mentioned in the options.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

poll results july 21   Which Version Of Microsoft Office Are You Using? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: Which Version of Microsoft Office Are You Using?

This week, Microsoft announced Office 2013, which you can already download as a Consumer Preview version, and of course you can get a copy of our Office 2013 guide. A new version of Office doesn’t come out every day, and this new release has made us curious as to which version of office you currently use (if at all). Since Office is not a free suite, many of us are not in any hurry to upgrade, and there’s quite a fragmentation of versions among users. On top of that, we tend to get very used to our Office, and when Microsoft comes out with a big change, as happened with Office 2007, many were reluctant to make the change. Which version are you using right now?

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Why do you you use your chosen version? Do you think it’s the best, or did you just not feel the need to change? Which version is the best, in your opinion? Tell us all in the comments!

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LibreOffice / Abiword / Google Docs is all you need!

rama moorthy

You right ,, Ms office is just a shit..
they are still working in bug fixing ! LOL !

Giggity Goebbels

Libreoffice ftw


I use a TextEdit. Really really really basic but takes .000000001 seconds to load and does all the basic functions. I have LibreOffice as well but rarely use it


I am using MS Office 2010 because still I am running on Windows XP.

J. Random


The only Ribbon I’ll ever need, and I’ve learned not to listen to any of the Ribbin’ I get. ;)


Office 2003. The last version before they put in that ridiculous Ribbon. No plans to give it up, especially with the ridiculous price of newer versions.


Currently, I have Office 2007 but I’ll have Office 2010 when my new computer comes.


The last version of MSOffice worth using was the one that shipped with MSWord 5.1. Excel is great if you need it–most don’t–but the rest of the suite isn’t worth the hard drive space. Use Google Docs, LibreOffice, Pages, or NisusWriter, depending on what you need.


I only use MS Word when I have to. I loathe it. Worst thing about it — it doesn’t let us see and manage the codes, so we can’t manage them ourselves. In trying to be easy for most users, it ends up being maddening for people who know what they’re doing.

I use WordPerfect for all my writing and then move it to Word if I have to.

Garey Boone

LibreOffice, Google Docs, and Quick Office Pro for the phone.


Office has been my go-to software for years. Used it at work, and now that I’m retired, still use it constantly.

I am using Office 2010, and will upgrade soon.

Rutul Parikh

It is a complete peace of mind. Others do copy of MS Office in terms of looks and feel, but they lag far behind in performance and simplicity.


I think Power Users will have to stick with Windows 7. I hope MS doesn’t stop supporting Windows 7. I use MS Office 2010, too. I haven’t used 2013 Preview, so can’t tell about it.

Sean A

pro proffessional ’10 academic version


MS Office 2000


Open Office

Avish Kansakar

Office 2007

Andrei Anikin

Office 2003 is the one that suits me, a lot of unnecessary interface updates in the latest versions scare me away. Simpleness is next to Godliness :-)

Rutul Parikh

Well, if you learn to use the Ribbon Interface, you’ll find Office 2007/2010 extremely useful. But I agree that Office 2003 is powerful and for most old pcs, it works like a GOD.

Alan Wade

I tried the Preview of Office 2013 but Think its a big step backwards! I could not get any of my Excel or Word files to open maybe that was just a glitch but first impressions etc.
And, the main reason I wont be buying Windows 8 is because I dont like the metro tiles so it goes without saying that I wont be reinstalling or buying Office 2013.
It will be more than likely that the metro style can be bypassed just as it can be with Eight but as I said first impressions.
Having my Office files up in the cloud is a no no with me, how would I access them if their server went down or my ISP?
With Windows 8 upgrade coming out at $40 I wonder if they will do the same thing with Office 2013, and even at the really good price I am still not tempted. I know there are many who like the metro tiles and are looking forward to the new office look to compliment Windows 8, but there are just as many who dont.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the new version, Alan. I haven’t tried it myself yet, so it’s nice to get some first impressions.

Rutul Parikh

May be, it is because of ‘Preview’ tag. It isn’t completed so there will be glitches. Final version will be better and, it is Metro UI friendly program, so I’m excited about it.

Alan Wade

I understand what you are saying but if you read my post I said “First Impressions” and that I dont like the Metro look. I appreciate and are well aware that many people do and thats fine, I dont so will stick with Win 7 and Office 2010.

As a footnote, I am sure as time goes by that I will upgrade to the metro style OS and Office, but it isnt planned as yet, and I dont have a time scale on it.

Gjergji Kokushta

Kingsoft Office (free version) – it looks like MSO2003, supports doc/docx xls/xlsx ppt/pptx. It is very light. They also provide free suite for Android.

Susendeep Dutta

My system has Office 2010 version installed and as time is passing by so it’s improving.I’ll strive to get the latest version and will embrace it.Currently,Office 2010 is the best office productivity suite and its evidence can be found in its fastest adoption rate since its inception.

Shakirah Faleh Lai

Word 2010 is quite ok for me.

Mart Küng

This should have been a multiple choice question: I use MSO 2003 at work, OOo at my home desktop and LibreOffice on my netbook. And Google Docs on some shared stuff.

Yaara Lancet

I think the main answer would be your home desktop, lacking the option to choose multiple answers. Thanks!

Paul Girardin

At the moment, I am using 2007 Ultimate as a test until September and then I will be installing the 2010 Home & Office that I bought !

Âdil Farôôq

I am using MS Office 2010 on Windows 7 :)

Roger Spencelayh

Now using 2013 for most of my MS Office work, but am keeping 2010 ‘just in case’. At work I’m still stuck on 2003, and hate having to keep switching. Roll on the day they upgrade.

Yaara Lancet

How do you like 2013 so far?

Roger Spencelayh

Word, Excel & OneNote, no huge difference that I’ve found. I was a little put off by the Ribbon Tabs being in upper case, but I’ve got used to it now. Ribbon looks much bigger, but switching between 2010 and 2013 it would appear to be only a few pixels.

Biggest difference is in Outlook which seems a little buggy. I’m using Office 365 for my email, plus 2 Hotmail accounts. The Office 365 seems to work OK, but the Hotmail MAPI accounts don’t seem to synchronise very well. Also, the whole application seems to take up much more space so that I can’t see as many emails in the list (using the preview pane on the right) and there’s not so much of the email in the preview. One other thing I didn’t notice at first is that when replying to an email it does so in place instead of opening up a new window.

Haven’t used Access or PowerPoint yet.

I did activate the Touch button to switch between touch and non-touch modes (just out of interest) and it make a small difference but not as big as I would have expected. Probably just enough to make it easier to use a finger rather than a mouse. Not having a touch screen device I’ve not been able to try it for real.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks Roger! It’s great to have some in-depth views of the new version.

Rutul Parikh

I also think Desktop users should skip 2013 upgrade. I’m gonna buy Surface Tablet, so 2013 will be my first option.

Vipul Jain

Took time to get used to after 2003 but now its quite comfortable and has all the features needed, dont see a point in getting 2010 or any new office now.


I use Office much more often at work, where they have Office 2007 installed. At home, I have Office 2010, but I use it so infrequently in comparison to work that I don’t really notice much difference in the products, except for the opening screens as the programs open.


Currently using MSO 07. Will change in the following months though.



I use OpenOffice

Mila Kun

2007, but planning to move forward

Rick Stanley

Libreoffice rocks, and the only office suite I use or promote! ;^) I install this on every computer I install even if MS Office is also installed by request of the end user.

Try opening a older corrupted binary MS Office file in their own software! Then try Libreoffice to open the file, and save it back to the disk. MS Office will then be able to read/write it again!

I also use emacs for programming, bash scripts, etc…


I’m just not giving Microsoft more money.


I’ve gone back to school after being ‘downsized’ and the College requires students to use Office 2010 for its computer courses.


I use 2010. My son is trying out the 2013 preview. So far he has not used enough to decide. I am very happy with 2010. I am not the power user I would like to be. There are many options on MSWord that I do not use. In time, hopefully I will.

Jón Bjarnason

You forget that the mac versions are numbered differently.

Yaara Lancet

I guess I did. :)


I use MS Office 2010 because that is what we used at the office (I am now retired). I went back to school for the heck of it after retirement and that is also what they used. I did not want to bother with different software between home and work, that’s why I have 2010. Beyond that, I really don’t give a hoot what I use. It all does what I need it to do and beyond matching what we used at the office, I just don’t care. I have no reason to even look at 2013.


LibreOffice is the latest office suite I use. Others I used: Abiword, OpenOffice. Microsoft Office 2003 only at office (!).

Rigoberto Garcia

Office 2010… and Google Docs

Tug Ricks

Same here. I got MS Office 2010 Pro for free through school, but I prefer using Google Docs for pretty much everything not school related.

Victor Ong

Well, I got a free copy of office 2007, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t use it (school computer). Honestly, it runs (mostly) fine for me. I do use google docs for collaboration projects, but I wouldn’t use it regularly. I think that the google docs interface is harder to use and definitely has MANY more glitches than Office 2007 (e.g., cursor appears three lines BELOW where I click). As for upgrading to a better Office Suite? I can live with 2007 for a while longer. I don’t see any need to upgrade. Don’t replace something that isn’t broken.

C John

I have use office 2000, 2007 and 2010. I only went to 2010 because of another piece of software would not work without it (Acrobat 10). Other wise 2007 is does the job.

C John

I have use office 2000, 2007 and 2010. I only went to 2010 because of another piece of software would not work without it (Acrobat 10). Other wise 2007 is does the job.
Also use Open office oia.

Paulo Amaral

I use Microsoft Office ever since it was launched for DOS. I went through the various and different versions of the program, until it became a Windows product. I am a heavy user, and experienced with all changes of “commands” [Ctrl- and Alt-keys back and forth as a means of taking more money from us, consumers]. Not until the 2003 version appeared, the 1997 version was the ordinary standard when compared to other competitors, and now the 2007 and 2010 versions surpass everything else in this field. These are the versions that excel. And I believe that Adobe should incorporate some of the MS-Word ways of working. I assure you InDesign would become the most precious programme for text-editing and desktop publishing. I believe they should think about this.

Cat McGowan

Microsoft’s last truly productive version: Office 2003

Alan Trinder

Got it pretty much when released, great improvement on previous version. For some reason Outlook is now a bit problematic on my latest pc using win 7 ultimate.
May move to 2013 when I know more of it and available.


If it was my choice I’d use Libre Office. I only selected Office 2007 because my school uses it. Of course we’re still using Windows XP to…..

T Ayoda

I taught Office 2003. I used it at work and home. I never used the many features of 2003 but what I used, was great. Maybe a better survey is who and how much does one use the features? I suspect a small percentage of IT use a lot of features and then go teach their users how to use 1 or 2 features beyond the basics. I’ve had to use 2007, 2010 on other friend’s computers and it is tough to be multi-versional.


On my Asus Eee PC 1201N running Xubuntu 12.04, I uninstalled AbiWord 2.9.2 (development version–included by mistake. The version included should have been AbiWord 2.8.6 stable version).

I installed LibreOffice Writer. It functions MUCH better and receives BETTER support!

Fatih Hamzah

Openoffice of course, :) save ur money and easy to use


Hello, all.
In general, I use OpenOffice,
as it does everything that Word does, and usually much easier,
and with a much lighter footprint, as well.
Tried several others, and OO is just easier.
Well, for everything but the keyboard shrtct for changing font size.
That’s the only ‘feature’ that M$ Office/Word has that I still miss.
Maybe I’ll hack a hotkey for it.

Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

Reý Aetar

google docs or the office in windows live
and rarely libre office
though have ms office 2007


I use 2010 Outlook – Work and Home – as work requires it.
I use 2010 Word for Technical document drafting.
I use notepad or word page for everything else.

Luke Brannon

I use Office 2007 but tbh that’s only because I don’t see the point in upgrading, I only ever use office at work and that’s the 2010 version, due to me always needing to know how Office works I’ll stick with 2007 for word, excel, powerpoint etc as it all just works! just one suite for all needs. however I’m more of a man of simplicity and whenever it comes to writing I prefer to use Notepad++ or similar as there is very little distraction with this software.

Suman Acharya

i often use OpenOffice but sometimes Office-2007!

daniel dawson

I use Libreoffice. I did use openoffice,abiword,lyx,tinyword

Rutul Parikh

Microsoft’s real weapon is Microsoft Office.

Christina Dafopoulos

Open Office & Google Docs serves my needs for FREE!

Keno Clayton

Microsoft Word 2007 is the best interface for persons moving on to a later version of Microsoft word without wanting too big of a change…

Debbie Strain

I use office 2010 and 2007 at home however I have Office 2003 at work. I am more comfortable in 2003 however I like the look of 2010 I am just having trouble getting up to speed with it. Getting a new computer at work soon with Office 2010.

Adjei Kofi

Office 2010. Awesome interface


I do not use Microsoft software other than their OS and that only because I like to play pc games. For my office suite I use Libre Office, it does everything I need and the reason I do not use MS Office is I cannot stand their user interface and as far as I am concerned it is grossly over priced.


I am a thinking person and am against the ‘Apple-fied’ automaticity of versions later than 2003 which is frustrating enough. I use LibreOffice at least 50% of the time and miss the old WordPerfect where articles stayed in their assigned place. Notepad ++ also used extensively – not that this is a Word substitute.
Word probably has the better spell-checker of all which is primarily what I use it for.

Glenn Bond

Office 2007 meets all my needs so why should I spend money to upgrade. Using Google docs more just to keep notes and docs handy no matter where I am with phone or netbook.


Microsoft Works came on my latest PC, but I use AbiWord.It uses a lot less space and does everything I need- for free!

Praveen Kumar

Office 2007

Marian Rasmussen

That is the version my work provides for us. Office 2007

Brenda Whitehead

I actually would have liked to keep my “Works” programme, but when my old computer died on me, forcing an upgrade to Windows 7, I couldn’t use it any more and had to use “Office”.”Works” and I understood each other so much better. *sigh*


I prefer 2007 over 2010. I just find it a lot easier to use and I’m already comfortable enough with it that I wouldn’t bother upgrading.

rama moorthy

I ll use ms office rarely.. all my stuffs are done by dropbox and google drive ..
though i am having 2007 in xp and 2010 in windows 7

LaDonna Garner

I have XP on my laptop but 2011 on my MAC. I’d love to move to an MS-less digital world due to the glitches but I do not see that happening soon. Someone needs to help a girl out and come up with a program that is as easy to use, doesn’t take up much storage space, and will be used by everyone I have to share files. I used Open Office for sometime but I had too many format losses when sharing doc files.


I use Office 2003 because the small icon toolbars take up less vertical space than the Ribbon on wide-screen laptops, the File-Edit… menus and toolbar icons are a long-time familiar/productive interface, there are good keyboard short-cuts to enhance productivity, the start-up/execution performance is faster than Office 2007/2010 (i.e. less bloat), I have extensive VBA programs which are incompatible with Office 2007/2010’s “removal of VBA function / changes in the name of security instead of fixing them to be more secure”, Excel 2007/2010 VBA macros run much slower than Excel 2003 VBA macros, and I don’t want to learn a whole new interface that often includes additional mouse-clicks just because MS wanted to change the GUI for the sake of change to help drive/justify on-going upgrade/support/training revenue. I highly recommend that MS tries harder to not screw long-time loyal customers that have learned and are productive with the Office 2003/legacy interface/tools that MS themselves developed.

automan 1

I use 2007 once every six months if that often. Since I dual boot with a linux distro and run it 99% of the time if I need to I use OpenOffice and can do anything I need with it with no problems. Plus it’s free!!!!

William J Stewart

I use MS Office 2003, it is very easy to understand how to do something
I have tried XP, 2007, and the latest version, I feel they are hard to use

Chris W

I use MS Office 2000 because I find it more user friendly than later versions. Unfortunately it’s not supported by any windows later than Vista.