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VerifyEmailAddress, as the name suggests, is an online tool to check if an email address exists for real. People putting fake email addresses in online forms and other such places is not an uncommon practice. If you suspect that an email address given to you is not authentic, you can go to this site, enter the email address and click on “Verify Email.” It’ll connect to the mail server to check the validity of that particular email account, and if it exists for real. No registration needed, it’s quick and easy.

check if an email address exists

The tool also lets you do a reverse email search to see who owns a particular email account. It redirects users to for this. That’s a paid service (like most reverse lookup tools), and it won’t show any details unless you sign up with them.


  • Verify an email address online.
  • Connects to the mail server to check the validity of email address.
  • Similar tools: Verifyemailcheck.

Check out VerifyEmailAddress @

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