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VeoProject is a new and powerful web tool that lets you setup and manage projects online. Your projects will be hosted online and you can easily collaborate and share them with your team members.

The application has a spreadsheet like interface where projects are organized in rows, with individual project parts and tasks hierarchically listed in between.

project management tools

This makes managing and editing any part of your project very easy. You can edit project tasks in-line, delete tasks, mark tasks as complete, view task history and copy tasks.

effective project management tools

Other general features such as setting milestones, scheduling email reminders, adding comments and linking to web content are present as well.


All files related to your projects are nicely stored in one place for quick access. There is also a “my tasks” section where you can view all your personal tasks across multiple projects, and “dashboard” section that shows project progress and upcoming tasks.

Moreover, VeoProject lets you connect and collaborate on your projects using popular online services like Google Calendar, Twitter, and Microsoft Outlook.

Feature overview:

  • Easily build and manage projects online.
  • Collaborate and share projects with others.
  • Provides intuitive spreadsheet like interface with tasks hieararchy.
  • Supports configurable cross-project reporting.
  • Email, Google Calendar, Twitter, and Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Options to set email notifications and reminders.
  • All project related files are nicely stored and organized in one place.
  • Ability to Import/Export projects.
  • Advanced inline tasks editing.
  • Set project milestones and add notes to your tasks.
  • Provides a personal task section for each user.
  • Free (basic) account allows you to store upto 10 project documents and limited to 20MB of storage space.
  • For additional details take a video tour.

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