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get your designs madeWhat do you do if you’re an aspiring fashion designer, but you can’t afford to start your own product line? How will you ever get your name known if your clothes are never made? What about if you’ve got one or two great designs but no time to go into fashion design?

Well, here’s a way you can be in with a chance to get your designs made professionally and sold online. Velvet Brigade lets anyone submit their designs, then users vote on which designs are best and after 30 days Velvet Brigade will choose a winner for each week.

Even if you’ve merely been looking for a new way to find stylish new outfits, The Velvet Brigade is for you. Create an account and start voting on your favourite designs, then when the time comes you can buy the winning designs straight from the store.

get your designs made


The voters are the fashionistas which make all the big decisions around Velvet Design. Create an account using Facebook or your own details and you can get straight into it. All your votes are collected on your profile so you can browse them whenever you like and show off your fantastic fashion sense to your friends.

get your designs out there


Designers are the life blood of Velvet Brigade. Without new designs there’d be nothing to vote on and no clothes to make. Anyone can become a designer – it simply requires you to submit a decent sketch of your garment. Winning designs are created for sale and the designer receives 5% of the sales proceeds via cheque or PayPal. Anyone worldwide can be a designer, so what are you waiting for?

get your designs out there

To become a designer, take a read of the designer guide and create your sketch, then submit to Velvet Design for approval. When your design is approved (within 3 days) you can promote it to your friends and networks. You’ll have 30 days to collect as many votes as you can for your design before the voting phase expires. Every week, Velvet Design explores the designs which have just finished their voting phase, then chooses a winner according to votes and self-promotion of the garment. If your design wins, they’ll make your design and sell it through the Velvet Design site.

get your designs out there

Ideas For The Future

Velvet Design is still in beta, so there’s plenty of room to play with ideas at this stage. My personal opinion is that Velvet Design should help users to promote their favourite designs a little more, by offering RSS feeds for each user. It would also be great for Velvet Design to suggest a more visual way of sharing designs with other social networks – at the moment they suggest sharing a simple link, whereas an option to share the picture on something like Tumblr would do more to share each design.

It would also be great to offer an HTML/Javascript badge showing a user’s most recent votes which users could promote on their own website. Basically, Velvet Design should attempt to do whatever it takes to keep the voters voting, and I think that allowing the voters to show off their great taste is an easy way to achieve this.

get your designs made

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So, will you be submitting a design to Velvet Brigade soon?

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  1. Nails09
    July 10, 2011 at 6:17 am

    What if I am not a designer by vocation and not very good at sketching but I've been making my own clothes since school and I have a few ready-made articles the design of which I would like to put on vote. Can I send a photo (of a person - me - modeling the piece?
    % )) 

    • Angela Alcorn
      July 13, 2011 at 10:05 am

      They definitely prefer sketches for a lot of reasons. Primarily, they wouldn't want the photo to imply that their end product would use a specific fabric or to fit in exactly the way you have made your version. However, there's plenty of free graphics programs you could use to turn your photo into an appropriate sketch. That's probably the best thing to try.

      Here's the designer guidelines if you want to look into it more: