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For vegetarians, recipe sites are a mixed blessing. Sure, you may find a couple of good vegetarian recipes from time to time, but you’ll typically have to wade through many meat-heavy entries in the process. Enter, a recipe search engine that features only vegetarian meals. Using it is easy: simply type what you’re looking for.

The site claims to have indexed over a million vegetarian recipes, and there do seem to be a lot of results. Heck, I even found an alternative to meat lovers pizza.

vegetarian recipe search

As with any search engine the results linked to aren’t hosted on, so the sorts of sites you find the recipes on will vary widely. This makes the site an excellent place to start, whether you’re looking for a specific vegetarian recipe or an alternative to a recipe that isn’t necessarily vegetarian.

What the site lacks currently is a way to specifically look for vegan recipes, but this is still a very useful resource if you’re looking to live without meat.

vegetarian recipe search



  • Search engine for vegetarian recipes
  • Over a million recipes indexed
  • Can’t specify for vegan recipes at this time

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