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Graphics designers often require free vector art as a starting point for their projects. There are various online sources to obtain such free vector art but what you specifically require is a site with a large collection of quality vector art and icons in the EPS format. That is precisely what a site called “Vector Finder” offers.

free quality vector art

Vector Finder is a wonderful web service that will be highly useful to graphics designers. The site offers a large collection of free vector art and icons that you can easily browse and download. The art is categorized into free vectors and free icons; a category called “stock icons” lists icon packages you pay for. Free packages of vector art can easily be recognized by the red “Free” ribbon in the top left of their thumbnail image.


Simply click on the thumbnail image of a package you like and you will be taken to its page where you will find its official link. From there you can download your vector art in the EPS format and the icon packages as archives of PNG image files.



  • A user-friendly web service
  • Offers quality vector art and icons
  • Offers free as well as pay-for icon packages
  • Provides vector art in EPS format and icon packages as archives of PNG images

Check out Vector Finder @

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