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Are you a Mac user looking for a competent application switching tool? If yes, then you should check out an app called Vecte. Vecte is a free to use desktop application for computers running the Mac OS. The application comes in a DMG setup sized at nearly 0.7 MB and is compatible with machines running Mac OS X 10.7 or later, including Mountain Lion. The function of the application is to provide you with a sleek application switching interface.

app switcher for mac

What you are provided with is a semi-transparent application switching window that is placed in the top left corner of your desktop. But to keep this window from obstructing the menu bar, it is placed slightly under it so your normal computer usage is not affected. The window can be quickly made to appear using the Command-Tab combination of keys.

Other shortcuts can be displayed quickly when you use the Command-Esc key. Command-Tab can be used to switch to the next application; Command-` can be used to switch to the previous app; Command-Q can be used to quit the currently open app; Command-= can be used to increase the size; and Command—can be used to decrease the size.


Unlike other application switchers, Vecte does not wait for you to let go of the keys to display the applications. As soon as an app gets highlighted in the switching window, the app window is displayed. While this feature delivers speedy switching, some users might want to keep some of their windows hidden while they traversed through other app windows. The application’s developers are working on building a comprehensive preferences interface where this can be controlled.



  • A user friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Lets you switch between apps.
  • Immediately displays app that you highlight on app switcher window.

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