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vdlHeadThere are plenty of times when you watch a video on YouTube and you want to save the video as a certain file type, so you can watch it on the go or just save it to watch on your computer or home DVD player. The market is saturated with pay video downloader software apps that do this easily. There are a few that do it for free but VDownloader does it for free and does it well!

There is a paid pro version of VDownloader that costs $16 today. But we have 20 pro licenses to give away to our readers. The paid version of this video downloader software lets you perform batch downloads and conversions. It also lets you use the application to convert video files already on your machine and much more. View the details below and continue reading to see how you can win one of these licenses.


Now let’s take a look at the free downloadable application. It converts videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Break, Veoh, and and can convert it into any format including just audio via MP3.


I downloaded the free 5.2MB version from VDownloader and installed it. It was quick and painless and it didn’t try to install any crap on my machine. I appreciate that.

The main user interface looks like this.


You can type the URL of your video into the box provided at the top of the screen or you can browse to the video like so”¦


Once you get to the video, just copy the URL from the URL bar at the top of your browser like so (make sure to highlight the entire URL).


Then VDownloader will see that you copied a video URL by itself. Then it grabs the URL from the clipboard and pastes it for you automatically like this:


Your next step is to decide which format you want the video saved as. You can select the output format (or leave it as is with the original file choice) as you can see from the above screenshot. Just hit the drop-down menu and select the format you want. I would run with AVI but if you want a file that will play on your PSP, iPod, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices (MPG), you will find options for all of them.

After making your selection and pasting your URL to the video file you are ready to start downloading and converting. Simply hit the download button next to the URL. There is a Download HD Videos checkbox below the URL box – keep this checked if you want the best possible quality download.


Once it retrieves the video information it will prompt you to input the path of where you want to save the newly converted video file.


Hit save and watch the magic begin.


After downloading the video, the conversion will begin (if you selected conversion. If you did not, you will be done).


Pretty nifty huh? Real easy to use and handy to keep in your toolkit.

Now for the contest. Simply leave a comment on this post as to why you want the video downloader software. Each comment counts as one vote. You can also tweet your reason for wanting the license – just include #MakeUseOfContest in the tweet and add @KarlGechlik to it so I can tally them up! The contest will run for 1 week (ends on 14’th of March).

Any questions or comments, let us know in the comments!

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