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Unfortunately there are a significant number of people living in their cars and vans because of their tough financial situations. In today’s economy the number of such people are increasing. It can be a worrisome situation when to suddenly find yourself living in your car. VanDwellers was created to take a little worry off your mind during such a time.

car living tips

VanDwellers is a free and simple to use website that provides tips and guides on how to live in your vehicle. The site is created by somebody who himself has been homeless many times and is currently living in a large campervan.

VanDwellers covers a number of car living issues such as how long food can be kept in a car without it going bad, how beneficial a dual battery system is to car living, and how to maintain your car without spending a lot of money.


  • Offers tips and guides on how to live in your car.
  • Describes the safety precautions car livers need to take.
  • List the site owner’s own car living experiences.
  • Categories car living in cars, vans, and campervans, station wagons, and caravans.

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