Utter! Brings Customizable Voice Commands To Android

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Teach your Android device some new voice tricks. Utter! is a voice command app, and a pretty great one (even though it’s currently in beta). Whether you want to quickly Skype one of your contacts, discover what the weather is like in Paris or hear the proper spelling of “disambiguation” out loud, Utter! is what you’re looking for.

Unlike Siri and its many imitators, Utter! does not have a separate screen – it runs entirely in the background. Activated when you shake the screen, wave your hand or press a button (up to you), Utter! asks you what you want and (hopefully) delivers. You can check the default list of commands to learn what Utter! can do, which is already fairly extensive.

custom voice commands android

Even better, you can link Utter! to various others apps, allowing you to say a tweet or text and send it out loud or upload a file to Dropbox. You can even create custom commands, if you’re willing to spend some time playing with the settings and getting to know how everything works. You can set up nicknames for your contacts, making searches for them quicker. You can set the software to integrate with a file browser, allowing you to do things like rename files and upload them to Dropbox. Take your time to customize this app and you’ll be amazed what you can make it do – and because it’s a beta, it’s only going to get better.


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  • Brings voice commands to Android.
  • Find a wide variety of information quickly just by asking.
  • Connects with Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and many other apps.
  • Create your own custom commands, or set up custom responses to questions.
  • Similar: Maluuba and Dragon.
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Good news. Utter now works off line on jelly bean devices. Love it!!

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