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UtellStory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community where you can easily create and share stories in slideshow format by combining audio, images, videos or just text. It can be as simple as a single photo or a video.


To start using it, sign up on the website or sign in with your Facebook credentials. Click “Add slides” to start adding slides to your story. A slide can be an image, video or a text. Once your slides are uploaded you can then arrange them in any order you see fit. Optionally you can add background audio to accompany your slides, select background color and transition style for your slides.

Next, select a category where you story belongs (Business, Education, Entertainment etc.,) so that it will be easier for others to find your story. Once you are ready, click “Preview” to view your slides, and if you are happy with the result, publish it on the website.


While a story is your own and is a finished slideshow there are also “Topics”, which are community edited slideshows. You can either publish your story as a Topic and invite others to edit your story/slideshow or join and participate in Topics of interest to you. It is best suited for classroom situations where multiple students can work on a single story or a project.



  • Create and share stories in slideshow format.
  • Combine images, text or videos.
  • Add up to 99 slides per story.
  • Share stories publicly or privately.
  • Share stories on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Embed stories on websites and blogs.
  • Browse most viewed stories (Editor’s pick, most viewed, most liked).
  • Related tools – Slidemypics, Voicethread.

Check out UtellStory @ (via Freetech4teachers)

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