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The most successful companies are the one that interact with their customers and find out what their needs are. For online businesses, one effective way to increase interaction with customers is through UserVoice.

engage customers online

UserVoice is a web service that provides you with a web forum where your customers can interact with you. While the advanced features are reserved for paid customers, UserVoice does offer a free account that offers a lot of the desired functionality.

You start by creating an account and customizing your forum. Your customization can include the logo of your company, choosing the forum’s color scheme, and optionally adding or editing the HTML/CSS template.

interact with customers

When you launch your online forum, you can integrate with social networks to promote it. Your customers can visit the forum and suggest improvement to your product or service. They can also comment and vote on the suggestions by other customers. No signups are required so customers will be able to quickly provide their feedback and you will be able to quickly obtain it.

engage with customers online


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Offers paid and free accounts.
  • Lets you create an online forum to interact with customers.
  • Forums are used to get feedback from customers.
  • Customers can visit the forum to provide suggestions, vote, and leave comments without signing up for an account.
  • Similar tools: SnapABug, Plupper, KISSinsights and Foozya.

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