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If you are looking for a full analytics suite for your website, then you should check this out. User Report is an alternative traffic intelligence script for your website. This free cloud tool allows you to get feedback from website surveys and forums, track aggregate clicks through the social click map, get full demographics data of your users, compare your usability with other websites and more.

get feedback for your website

Its expansive bunch of features supplements well with Google Analytics without overlapping its use. And you only need to add a small script to get yourself going. Once installed, you can view the results from your User Report dashboard or even transfer demographic data to Google Analytics.

User Report also allows you to create custom surveys so that you can ask questions directly to your users. Other features include report sharing and advance reports, measuring user satisfaction, and generating geographic reports.

User Report is one of the more useful analytics tools you will see on the web. The features are so good that probably this won’t be free for long. This app is great for anyone who need more data points for their website other than traditional analytics scripts.


  • Get feedback for your website via surveys and forms.
  • Customize your own survey.
  • Easy to install in your website.
  • Transfer data to Google Analytics.
  • Use Social Click Maps to see where your users click.
  • Similar Tools: Pinerly, Vizify, and Gaget.

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