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opera-widgets.jpg Opera is a very overlooked web browser in my opinion. It has some nice features and it’ s really fast at browsing the web too. OK, the widgets don’t integrate into Opera as well as add-ons for Firefox but they’re still pretty damn cool and Opera doesn’t need to be restarted when they’re installed unlike Firefox.

In this post I will discuss a few cool widgets that I have stumbled upon while browsing the Opera Widgets archive.

(1) PageRank Widget

Page Rank is a cool little widget that you can download within Opera that lets you calculate the Page Rank of any website within seconds.


This tool can be very useful for when you want to know the Page Rank of a website when you already have Opera open.


(2) Flash Video Downloader Widget

Flash Video Downloader is a pretty cool and useful widget that can come in quite handy if you always find yourself downloading videos from video hosting websites such as YouTube. Flash Video Downloader allows you to enter the web address of a video and will then start downloading the video to your hard drive. All in your browser.


(3) ProxyWidget

Maybe you’ve been blocked from another website or you simply want to hide your identity online then ProxyWidget will do that by giving you a list of proxy websites to select from.

(4) Google Hacks Widget

Is there an application or tool that you need but can’t find? If so, then this widget called Google Hacks can come in pretty useful for finding things that you need when you can’t find them. This widget allows you to search for music, books, videos, tools, hacks, proxys, lyrics, fonts, applications, torrents and cached website all within an Opera Widget.


(5) Widgets for Web designers

csshelp.jpg Are you designing a website and need help with CSS? CSS Help is a great widget that can help out a lot if you can’t remember or don’t know much about CSS.

If you’re practising your HTML and CSS or you want to see a live HTML preview of the HTML and CSS that you’re writing then the True HTML Editor is a useful tool when doing things like this.

Now say that you need to know the width of another webpage because it looks like the size you want yours then Ruler can measure the size of anything in the Opera web browser. Once you’ve done your HTML and CSS maybe you’ve got a local server running and you want to know your IP address so that you can give it out to friends and clients. IP Address will give you your IP address within two clicks while in Opera.

(6) Multi Translate Widget

If you’ve ever been browsing a website but can’t understand a word thats on it because it is in another language then the Multi Translate 2.0 widget can come in useful for you. It will let you translate a snipprt of text or a whole page by using PROMT, Google or BabelFish.

(7) The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary widget is a really useful widget when browsing the web and wanting to know the meaning of a word, just simply type in your word and a description of the word will come up along with how to pronounce it and a link to more information about the word.

(8) Twitter

twitter.jpgThe last widget that I am going to include is the Twitter widget. This is an essential tool for anyone out there that updates their Twitter a lot.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and found some widgets that you will use and find helpful within Opera. Go to the Opera Widgets website to find out more cool and interesing widgets, or if your interesting in making your own head over to the Opera Widget Generator.

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