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Use Wolfram Alpha To Dig Up Cool Statistics About Your Facebook Account [Weekly Facebook Tips] facebook iconIf you’ve heard of Wolfram Alpha before, you’ll know that it’s a wealth of knowledge that’s occasionally compared to the likes of the Star Trek computer. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful uses for Wolfram Alpha, including powerful search terms, other searching tips, widgets, a variety of cool uses and other truly powerful uses of Wolfram Alpha. However, even if you know all about these Wolfram Alpha tools, you may still not yet know about their Facebook analytics tool.

With the Wolfram Alpha Facebook analytics tool, you can find out a huge amount of information about your Facebook account. It’s quite fun to see which of your posts or photos are the most popular, who your top commenters are, who is sharing your posts the most and more interesting tidbits. Plus, it’s easy to use this tool and completely free. Why not have a go?

Using Wolfram Alpha for Facebook

Using Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook analysis tool is completely free, so all you need to do is log in using your Facebook credentials and give it access to your account. It will then either link your Facebook to your Wolfram Alpha account or create a Wolfram Alpha account for you. You’ll then see that “Facebook Report” is entered into the search box for you, so all you need to do is hit enter to get the results.

From there you’ll be able to browse information about your Facebook account or use the Wolfram Alpha search tool to find out things about your Facebook data. Then the fun starts! Here’s a video showing how it works.

What Does The Facebook Report Show?

Your personalised Wolfram Alpha Facebook report will show all sorts of statistics about you, your Facebook usage and your friends. Every time you visit Wolfram Alpha in the future these will be updated to reflect your current situation, so you’ll always see new information. The main screen shows an overview, but each section can be expanded by clicking the “More” button in the top-right.

Use Wolfram Alpha To Dig Up Cool Statistics About Your Facebook Account [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook Friends Relationship Statuses

Your personal data will show interesting facts related to your birthday and age, such as your star sign, how old you are in days, and some fun star and moon chart information (which presumes you were born in your listed home town).

Data collected about your friends will show you their locations on a map, charts of gender differences, age distribution, relationship statuses, friends who have the most mutual friends, most common names and surnames, and more. You can even see a diagram of your network, showing where the overlaps are between friend groups.

Use Wolfram Alpha To Dig Up Cool Statistics About Your Facebook Account [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook Friend Network

Statistics about your Facebook usage are also available, including when you log in and from which device or application, which posts you made were the most popular (across the whole of Facebook), which posts you made got the most likes, how often you post updates, how often you upload photos, how often you post links, your top commenters, the people who share your posts the most, post length, a map of your check-in history, your most commented on photo, your most liked photo, word frequencies and a word cloud.

Use Wolfram Alpha To Dig Up Cool Statistics About Your Facebook Account [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook Post Types

All of the data can be filtered to show results for different timeframes or with other filters, such as for gender or age. This means you can keep exploring your Facebook data for quite a while before the fun stops!

Sharing The Fun

Of course, once you’re done exploring your Facebook data, you may want to share the results. It’s simple to share your favourite chart or a permanent page of your Facebook statistics with your friends via Facebook.

Use Wolfram Alpha To Dig Up Cool Statistics About Your Facebook Account [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook Wolfram Alpha Clip Share

What did you find out about your Facebook account? What was your favourite statistic from Wolfram Alpha?

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