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So, you fancy yourself a writer, eh? You say you write for a living?

Then, why do you keep repeating the same words over and over again?

Well, lets put an end to that! Maybe we can help you improve your writing skills or at the very least show you a great new tool. A new website called is a great tool to help you see the errors of your ways in writing. This fresh, new service allows you to enter a block of text into a box and hit a button that says Grab Vocabulary.

VocabGrabber analyzes your text and spits back a word cloud of terms used. From there, you can click on words and see synonyms as well as how many times you used a certain word.

You can click on words to see their relationship to other words. It is a great tool for any writer – even if you are a seasoned paid writer!

Check out the interface and we will walk you through how it can help you.




I grabbed the latest post from my personal website and pasted it into the box.


I hit the big green button and VocabGrabber instantly analyzed my text. It instantly (or at least it felt instant) spat back this word cloud.


The words that appear the most frequent have the largest font. From here, I changed the view into a list. This is easier for me to use. Below, you can see the button I clicked to show the list view – It is circled obnoxiously in red.


Ah now, I can see that the word backup was used 36 whopping times in that article. Maybe I should find another word to replace it with? VocabGrabber doesn’t tell you that but it will help you if that is what you decide. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a chart with your word and other similar words around it. You will see a few definitions for your word as well as have the ability to click on a word and have it open in a seperate mini-java Visual Theasaurus. This is not a free product but they do let you try it out.


In this instance, the only relevant synonym is Computer Backup and well, that just doesn’t sound so much better. Let’s try another word. I decided to pick “label” as you can see below:


So in this case, it suggested several words that can replace the word “label” – mark, tag or description. This is very handy and I would have killed for this in high school! Do you have some type of free writing tool that you would like to share with us? Then do so in the comments!

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