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memHeadDo you have a good memory? Short term, long term? I don’t. I have a horrible memory and forget important details all the time. Except for IP addresses, subnet masks and other networking items that are burned into my brain!

We all have facts, account numbers, phone numbers, birthdays and even work-related material that we need to to memorize fast and remember easily without wanting to commit ourselves to a mental institution. I have tried many different methods and the flash card is usually the best. We have covered other Top 3 Sites To Make Flash Cards For Your Kids Top 3 Sites To Make Flash Cards For Your Kids Read More flash card Learn A New Language With Anki's Flash Card System Learn A New Language With Anki's Flash Card System Read More applications in the past but this is different – it runs on a schedule and starts up with Windows. Did I mention that it is awesome? Well it is!

Let’s check it out. I downloaded the 779KB file in a few seconds and ran it. It installed quickly with a few clicks of the next button. And then I was greeted with this screen:

how to memorize fast

The setup seems pretty straight forward. It is a very easy interface as you can see above. There is a place for questions, answers, score and schedule. I am going to start by adding a new question. I am going to do this by hitting the New button. Yes it is that simple!


how to memorize fast

We see that we are able to fill in the Question field with our question, The answer field we will fill in our answer and there is a drop down menu for category that will only have one option to start with. You can see how I filled it out below:

how to memorize fast

At first I could not figure out how to change the category. I guess it was too easy for me because it turns out you can change the category by simply typing in the field. This is a great way to separate your items such as work and personal or by subject like technology, languages, math etc”¦

Once you have a bunch of questions and categories they will be displayed like this:

how to memorize

Next let’s take a look through the applications settings before we start our first quiz”¦

how to memorize

As I said before, you can set it to start with Windows. Here is the place to do it. You can also set the Escape key to minimize the application and double click to edit questions. You can have the application beep at the scheduled time or tweak the notification window.

Now let’s get to quizzing! I hit the Start button and I was off”¦ It scheduled my next question for 5 minutes from now. An icon popped up, I clicked on it and chose quiz”¦ Then my question popped up.

how to memorize

I entered the answer correctly and then:

memorize math facts

It scheduled the next question for 5 minutes from then. Nice!

I am going to master this program and with it – memorize everything I need to memorize. This is going to be a HUGE help to me in my day to day job and my life.

Do you have a  favorite application to help you memorize random information? We would love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. kam onn
    October 4, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    I use this web site ( for memorizing bible verses.

  2. orks
    October 2, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Nah, I'm more inclined to have something that simply pops us something with a text of my own just to remember of something. After reading the notice for a number of times, I would quickly have the option to dismiss that specific warning.

    More. It would be useful if it was like the hassleme website, i mean, able to hassle you in a random period of times so you would be used to the fixed intervals.

    It could be something to show up out of my tray for a few seconds and, if i wanted to hold it for a long time i would have to click on it but, if i didn't anything, it would disapear automatically on an specified number of seconds i could configure..

    Have tried something in the past but nothing that would make me stick to them.



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