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I am not typically what you would call an art guru, but every so often, I like to take a look at a painting or some other piece of art. After all, no matter what you are into, anyone can appreciate a well-done piece of artwork. You will not find me spending my weekends at the local art gallery or museum, but I can still appreciate the importance and beauty of art. Regardless of my hobbies, I am an information junkie, so anytime I can learn something new about any topic, I am happy.

While browsing around the app store I discovered this awesome app called Magic Tate Ball. It is a really cool app that “reveals the hidden connections between art and your everyday life.” That is the very first line of the apps description on the app store, and I have to say, it is fitting for what this fun application does. If you like art, and you want to connect the art with the world around you, this free app is something you should look at.

What does Magic Tate Ball do?

Magic Tate Ball uses your surroundings to find a work of art from their massive collection that fits with where you are and what the conditions are like. It looks at the weather, your GPS location, time of the day, ambient noise and the date.

Once it figures out these things, it will show you a beautiful piece of art that fits in with where you are. When they say that the app “reveals the hidden connections between art and your everyday life,” they mean that literally.

Of course, showing the art is fine, but let’s be honest, just looking at a work, most of us are not going to be able to deduce how it has anything to do with the world around us. Thankfully, the application will give you a brief explanation as to why it chose this particular piece for you.


It will also give you a brief description of the artists. While you are connecting with the world around you, you can also learn a bit of art history.

How do you use Magic Tate Ball?

Using the app is easy and fun. To have it show you a painting, you simply shake your device from the main screen, as you would a Magic 8-Ball, and it will run through the process of finding a piece of art that connects with your world.

Before you shake the device, you can click the settings button to choose which parameters you want it to use to find the piece for you. You can leave them all on, or shut them off individually.

After you shake the device and take a good look at your custom chosen work of art, you can click the ‘why’ button to see what made it choose this piece. Right below the description is a button to share the piece on Facebook, and if you scroll beyond that, you will see the brief description of the artist.


This is a cool application for the art lover in each of us. It features art from Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and more, so even casual art fans will know some of the artists featured. The app is available now for free, so there is no reason not to take it for a spin and see if it turns you into an art lover.

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