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GoPro has established itself as the leading brand of personal video cameras. There are obviously other brands of action cams available, but GoPro is arguably to digital video cameras as Hoover is to vacuum cleaners and Biro is to ballpoint pens.

GoPro cameras are heavily associated with extreme sports and adventurous activities. This is, after all, the reason they were developed in the first place, with Nick Woodman deciding to create a camera system able to capture footage of his own surfing.

However, GoPro cameras can be used in plenty of ways 7 Videos That Will Make You Want A GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] 7 Videos That Will Make You Want A GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] Clever marketing goes beyond memorable advertising when it demonstrates exactly what you are missing out on by not owning a product. I'm not usually a sucker for advertising, preferring instead to make my own mind... Read More other than shooting extreme sports, six of which we’ll be exploring in this article.

Unusual Ideas For GoPro Pros

As mentioned above, GoPro is a brand closely associated with extreme sports. Whether you’re cycling down a rocky ravine, skiing off-piste, skateboarding on a public road (please don’t do this), or windsurfing in choppy waters, GoPro cameras will be able to shoot the action.

But we’ve seen enough extreme sports videos to last a lifetime, or at least until someone ups the ante yet again. It’s time for GoPro fans to explore other uses for these amazing gadgets. Uses such as those briefly explored below.

Use a GoPro to Record Dangerous Driving


More people than ever are installing cameras in their cars How To Choose The Right Dashcam For Your Car How To Choose The Right Dashcam For Your Car As you browse dashcams you may wonder why one would be desirable. What features do they offer? How are they different from a regular camera? Why not just use a smartphone? Read More . A GoPro can easily be used as a dashcam to record any dangerous driving you may witness, thus proving a useful tool should video evidence of any wrongdoing ever be required. Which we obviously hope it isn’t.

Use a GoPro to Demonstrate Musical Skills

You may be the best musician in the world, but what is the best way of showing off your talents to the wider world? You could play gigs at a local bar, or you could strap a GoPro to your instrument and get amazing video footage of your skills filmed from a unique perspective.

Use a GoPro to Understand Your Pet

Anyone who owns a pet would be interested to see the world through their eyes, if only for a few hours. A GoPro would allow you to do just that. By attaching the camera to your animal of choice (perhaps excluding goldfish) you could see what your pet sees during a typical day.

Use a GoPro to Shoot A Short Film

Some of us aspire to be novelists Writing The Wrongs: 7 Essential Tips For New Authors Writing The Wrongs: 7 Essential Tips For New Authors It's easy to write a book. Writing a successful book is more difficult. We cannot guarantee greater success, but there are a handful of rookie mistakes we can prevent you from making. Read More , and some of us aspire to be filmmakers. Those in the latter group could use a GoPro to shoot a short film. The advantages being the low costs involved and the range of shots at your disposal. You could even tie your GoPro to a drone for aerial shots.

Use a GoPro to Record Frivolous Fun

While extreme sports are fun for some people, many of us would rather do anything else other than jump off a cliff with a thin piece of fabric tied to our backs. Why not use a GoPro to capture those frivolously fun moments shared between you and your friends?

Use a GoPro to Be a Citizen Journalist

You may be unfortunate enough to live in a warzone, or be caught up in another newsworthy event. While the situation itself may be absolutely terrible, using a GoPro camera to capture the events unfolding before your eyes would allow you to become a citizen journalist Top 5 Online Resources for the Citizen Journalist Top 5 Online Resources for the Citizen Journalist Read More , and allow the world to share in the awfulness of it all.

Continue The Conversation

These are just a handful of suggestions for alternative ways of using a GoPro camera. There are sure to be plenty more, and we would love you to carry on the conversation in the comments section below.

Simply tell us how you would personally use a GoPro. It can be anything other than shooting extreme sports Extreme Sports Revealed With Amazing GoPro Videos Extreme Sports Revealed With Amazing GoPro Videos GoPro cameras are designed to be worn or held while doing adventurous activities. They're tough and waterproof, meaning they can survive along with you (hopefully) whether you're jumping out of a plane, diving in the... Read More , which has already been done to death by every adrenaline junkie in the world. And we mean every single one. EVERY ONE!

A Debt Of Gratitude

In order to compile this list of unusual ideas for GoPro videos, we received a lot of great comments from the MakeUseOf readership. As ever, they proved to be an invaluable part of the site you’re reading right now.

These readers took the time to answer the question, What Would You Film Using A GoPro Camera?, and their responses helped us compile this article. Noteworthy comments include those from Macdillon, Katie F, Abdu Mad, and Dominic C.

Image Credit: David Kerwood via Flickr

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